What We Offer

We are committed to providing you and your family with fresh from the garden produce , farm fresh eggs, and a smattering of other goods  on a weekly basis. Purchase a Seasonal Subscription  and receive a weekly package of wholesome goodness.

Local, affordable, and worry free.


garden produce vegetables

buying local takes the guess work out of where your food is coming from. fresh off the vine and out of the ground within 24 hours of being on your table. fresh, local goodness!! 

Deliciousness you can afford!


Thank you for your interest in buying local, eating healthy, and enjoying what the Earth Mother provides. A Seasonal Subscription of our Produce Crop Box will provide you with a weekly variety of produce, Farm Fresh Eggs, herbs, flowers, recipes, and samples of the many things we love to grow!! 

SOLD OUT FOR 2022 If you are interested in purchasing eggs, surplus of vegetables or signing up for 2023 Season please contact:

OhMyGarden Info@gmail.com

Our season is planned for a variety of 4-6 vegetables (more mid-season) to be in your weekly Crop Box. Monthly and Weekly Payment options are available, with a $50 Deposit to guarantee  your commitment to a 16 week harvest season.

 Thank you for your patience as we work out the details and provide the very best we can in food and service. We are looking forward to the season’s harvest… From Soil to Soul.

Information and Sign Up