Oh My Garden is a subscription service that will run 16 weeks. Each of those weeks you will receive a box containing a variety of freshly picked, homegrown, in season vegetables, with a variation of eggs, herbs, fresh cut flowers, recipes (sometimes with samples) and other goodies. 

SOLD OUT for 2022 Season

If you are interested in purchasing weekly surplus of eggs or vegetables or if you have interest in the 2023 season please contact:


One Box Size:

1/2 Bushel, with measurements of 16L x 9W x 7.5H

Two Options:

Regular – Single/Couple who eats at home 3-4 nights a week. 4-6 different vegetables and one dozen Farm Fresh Eggs every other week.

Large – Family 4-6 eating at home 3-4 nights a week. 6-8 different vegetables and one dozen Farm Fresh Eggs every week.

Payment Options:

Affordability and Commitment are the two big factors. 

We are not asking for payment up front for 16 weeks of produce, We would like your commitment to the time as we plant long before we harvest, and we plant based on the number of people we are  helping to feed.

**Sign Up to Reserve Your Crop Box** Limited number available

Season will be 16-18 weeks… Weather dependent of course…

Mid May/June – Mid September/October 

$50 Deposit upon deciding to subscribe. This locks you in for the season and will go towards your cost. Based on a 16 week season…


Up front payment of Large: $432 (includes deposit)

Monthly Payments of Large: $95.50 (with deposit)

Up front payment of Regular: $352 (includes deposit)

Monthly Payments of Regular: $75.50 (with deposit)

Please use the payment form below, The recurring payment option has a trial period. This trial period is in place so your recurring payment does not start until closer to harvest time. If you have any general questions or requests about our services give us a call. We will try our best to respond back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you! Oh My Garden…. From Soil to Soul…

SOLD OUT – Pick up only available below:

VRGC Pick Up Customers Only

Two Large Crop Boxes Monthly for 4 months. Pick up on First and Third Saturday at Valley Roots Garden Center from 9:30am -11:30am. 


Weekly Pick Up of Large or Regular Crop Boxes every Saturday at Valley Roots Garden Center from 9:30am – 11:30am. Option of monthly payments for the Large. (Payments start 30 days from sign up, denoted by the 30 day free trial).







Grottoes, VA 24441

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